Thank you from your winner – Elena!

Students! Help us decide which scientists and engineers should take part in the next event, and you could win a £20 voucher. All you need to do is take 2 minutes now to judge these 12 sentences.

This has been an amazing experience for me and I feel so honoured to be chosen as winner in the Meitnerium Zone! I want to thank all the students who voted for me to receive the prize money, which will help to share knowledge about volcanoes with children in another country affected by explosive eruptions. I truly appreciate it and look forward to this project.

When I joined I’m a Scientist, Get me Out of Here, I thought I would simply be answering questions from students about science, but I never imagined how much I would also gain from these exchanges. I learned so much from the great questions posted on the website and in the chats because I sometimes had to look up the answers myself before responding!

I never took geology or physics at university, so although I now study the effects of explosive eruptions in the environment, I admit that there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know about volcanoes. For example, one of my favourite questions led me to discover how loud an eruption can be, so thank you all for helping me to learn many new things too! I’ve also found it so rewarding to interact with enthusiastic students on non-volcano topics.

Questions like what I enjoy about my work and life, where I’ve come from and hope to go, and what challenges I face in science have made me think about and appreciate how lucky I am to have a job that I (mostly!) love. I’ve given my honest answers of the ups and downs of science and have been so touched to receive expressions of awe, inspiration, and encouragement from students in return. I can only hope that I’ve similarly had a positive impact on all of you!

I would like to thank everyone involved in November’s I’m A Scientist including the organisers, moderators, teachers, and fellow scientists (especially Sarah, Isaac, Alex, Anisha, and Hira) for giving me the chance to take part in this unique event and for your immense dedication to connecting students and scientists across the UK. My final words are to encourage all students to keep being curious and asking questions, and don’t let anything stop you from following the things that you find interesting (science or not)!

Best wishes from your Meitnerium Zone volcanologist,




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